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Get to know Danielle!

Danielle Rutland

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, I'm your go-to wedding consultant with a passion that shines through every detail.

There's nothing I cherish more than guiding my clients through their once-in-a-lifetime moments, infusing joy and enthusiasm into every step. My team and I are dedicated to going above and beyond, ensuring your special day unfolds flawlessly.

We're all about creating unforgettable experiences that are as unique and delightful as your love story. Thanks to cherished partnerships and a sprinkle of adaptability, we tailor each celebration to fit your dreams and desires perfectly.

Ready to ditch the stress and focus on celebrating? Let's chat! With us, you're free to bask in the joy of your celebration, leaving the stress and hustle behind!

What sets FTM apart?

When you choose FTM to work on your wedding you get passionate and creative input on all tasks! What does that mean? It means with every task we take on; we give it our absolute best because we love what we do! 

It is very important that our client is happy and free to enjoy their event with no worries. For example, you forget your napkin rings. No problem, I keep different tools and supplies near by to solve mishaps like this. I’ve used ribbon, fabric, or anything I can get my hands on to create your vision. 

Want something done with discretion? No Problem! Tell us exactly what you want to happen, and no one will ever know it came from you. We want you to be at ease and not have to worry about making tough calls on your big day. We tailor our tasks and vision to you. We don’t box ourselves in when it comes to making our couples happy, we get the job done!

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wedding planning in action
wedding planning in action

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between planning and coordination?

The wedding planner is the visionary. She is the one in charge of creating the whole wedding plan and design from the ground up (with your help of course). On the other hand, a wedding coordinator is simply the person in charge of executing it on your special day.

Can I contact you with questions even though I’m not ready to purchase a service?

Absolutely! I’m here to help. If you have general questions, I’m always willing to share what I know to help. However, I won’t do any research or hold dates.

Do you only serve weddings?

Besides weddings, we also serve engagement parties or gatherings and vow renewals.

How much do you charge?

Base prices are listed on the Services page. However, there are optional add-ons that are discussed during your consultation.

How long have you been in business?

Since April 2022.

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Song of Solomon

"For I have found the one whom my soul loves"

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